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Send Love Words, as simple as it may appear, is there to help you create loving,
fulfilling relationships. through the genuine expression of your emotion.

Alessandra Zappa

Behind Send Love Words there’s Alessandra. Italian architect, born in Sweden, raised in Italy, currently residing in Paris.

She has a passion for helping people become their authentic selves in relationship with others. She knows that being authentic just feels better. And it leads to all sorts of good things: a connected, calm, sincere, loving relationship.
Emotions have to be expressed. Gracefully.

That’s what she helps doing.

They talk about us

Article by Heather Schwedel

May 2023

When a talented journalist meets an extraordinary service, Heather Schwedel goes above and beyond to delve into the personalities behind Send Love Words and various other Love Letter writer services.


Blog article by Steven Hansen

May 2022

A beautifully written website from New York City that collects stories about passionate people.
My interview was published on “Jobs they Love

Happiness Archive

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